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Jim Carrey Is A Real Artist And You Probably didn’t Know it! [Artworks & Videos]

Jim Carrey's art: A world you wouldn't want to unsee

Jim Carrey’s paintings…? Well, that might sound weird to some people. Isn’t he only an actor you might ask?  Well no, he isn’t only an actor. He is a well-known actor-comedian and even an artist! Like Johnny Depp, Jim Carey also makes amazing paintings that inspired and inspires still many people.


When Jim Carrey painted for Ellen Degeneres (Hilarious Art Process!)

In 2014, when he went to the Ellen show, Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey, took the liberty to paint on Ellen Degeneres’ stage floor the characters from “Dumb and Dumber” after Ellen told him how talented he is as an artist.

His spray paint painting came out pretty cool but his actual artworks and paintings are much cooler, beautiful, amazing, and meaningful! Below we are going to share with you some of his paintings so that you can see for yourself!


Some of his art and the meanings behind them

Jim Carrey’s paintings are colorful and meaningful in their own ways. They are manifestations of his innermost thoughts and feelings. They take on a narrative form and are highly emotional and personal. Motivated by both his feelings and his requirements. By feeding his subconscious, he attempts to create works that other people can identify with on some level.


Heart Upon Reentry – Jim Carrey’s art


When you look at this painting it might seem normal but when you hear and understand the story behind that painting that’s when you realize that it’s actually a masterpiece. This painting is called “Heart Upon Reentry” and here is the story behind it explained by Jim Carrey himself!

“When your heart is in love you’re floating, weightless. When you lose that love you have to re-enter the atmosphere and it can get pretty rough. It’s just bouncing off one molecule onto the next ripping through them at such a pace that they just ignite and explode. Until you find another heart that’s doing the same thing, has landed and cooled and then you start to float again.” – Jim Carrey


Electrical Jesus

painting of jesus by jim carrey

Jim undoubtedly likes to paint with colorful colors that share the energy that he is feeling toward the painting or vice versa the energy that the painting should be sharing. So that you understand better the meaning behind this painting called “Electrical Jesus”

“Growing up catholic Jesus was a powerful and pivotal figure in my life. Whether his story is literal or allegorical, I have no doubt of the power of Christ’s consciousness. My intent was to capture that power, energy, and ultimate understanding as it manifests from the electricity in all things. For The Prince of Peace to gaze into your eyes and see everything you are with total acceptance, forgiveness, and love.”
– Jim Carrey


The Prodigal Son

a painting called " the prodigal son" by jim carrey

This piece of art may seem a bit dark to some but it isn’t the case for Jim. As for all of his paintings, we can’t really figure out the deep meanings behind his art until he explains them and we realized that his art shows and express something that makes you think of the world differently.

“It looks dark and yet what it represents for me. you know a lot of people don’t think about these stories: the prodigal son. The two siblings that, one goes off and gallops, gallivants around, and the other one stays in the kingdom and keeps it running, right? Until the prodigal son comes back.

Well, the prodigal son is your mind at any one moment you’re either in your body or you’re not in your body. And your mind is the prodigal son or the prodigal daughter. It goes. The heart can’t go anywhere. It has to run the body, it has to keep the blood pumping and so it’s stuck but the mind can go anywhere it wants to go.

And sometimes that is fantastic except when it takes you over and it prevents you from doing this and all of the things and the walk in the morning and stuff. So sometimes when you’re in – can I say-, “hell on earth”?

Sometimes when you are, that’s time travel, it’s very difficult to be unhappy. and sometimes that is what pain is. Pain is your body calling you back, saying, “I’m your heart and I miss you…”  – Jim Carrey



Like the others, this is another masterpiece full of energy. You can definitely sense a vibe coming through you with this painting.


Bruce Lee

As impressive and unbelievable as it sounds, Jim Carrey also painted the world-renowned martial artist Bruce Lee!



Trump and politicians



Most of Carrey’s paintings and drawings are of politicians, which he gladly shares on his Twitter page.

Some may say his art is provocative but Jim doesn’t mind as it is a way of sharing what he really thinks and feels by adding a little touch of humor to his drawings.

He continually posts his art on social media and doesn’t hesitate to draw or paint trump in his own style. 😉




“Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Goodnight”

painting by jim carrey called good morning good evening and good night

Carrey shared a link to a statement in February 2021 along with a rare self-portrait he had taken of the legendary last moments of his character in “The Truman Show.” Following Joe Biden’s victory, Carrey wrote about the “substantial effort” he had put into his “collection of political protest cartoons,” thanking his supporters along the way but announcing his retirement from the prolific production of political art.

“It truly feels as though you and I have crossed an ocean of outrage together… but something tells me it’s time to rest my social media gavel and reclaim a little neurological bandwidth,” Carrey continues, “When a madman grabs the wheel of the bus loaded with innocent passengers and threatens to drive it off a cliff, it tends to steal everyone’s focus.”


Jim Carrey showing off his caricature drawing skills with Conan


In conclusion

Jim Carrey is without a doubt an amazing artist with a really distinctive art style compared to many well-known artists. He is therefore not only one of the best actors known but also a person with amazing drawing skills who keeps inspiring people in various ways through comedy, acting, and now even art!

And to finish, he also once said: “People that are different have a shot at being original” – Jim Carrey



Is Jim Carrey’s art any good?
Critics have given Carrey’s work a variety of ratings. Jonathan Jones of The Guardian referred to him as “an astonishingly bad painter and sculptor,” noting that his work “gives amateurs a bad name.” Contrarily, Carey was referred to as “definitely an artist” by Jerry Saltz, who also compared his cartoons to those of R. Crumb.

Where is Jim Carrey’s art studio?
Jim Carrey is a permanent artist at Wyland Galleries in Lake Tahoe, California, and Wyland Galleries Beachwalk in Waikiki, Hawaii.

What inspired Jim Carrey to paint?
Although Carrey has always been passionate about sketching, he only began to devote himself to the art properly seven years ago, when he said it was required for his “broken heart to mend.”

What type of art does Jim Carrey do?
Since he was a kid Jim Carrey has been drawing and painting. Over the years he developed a quite unique art style. He mainly paints and draws caricatures. Sometimes he also sculpts.


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