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Why Is Drawing So Hard? Why Am I so bad at drawing? (Answers & Solutions)

Learn why is it hard for you to learn to draw and why your are bad at drawing [2022]

Many wonder why is drawing so hard, perhaps you are one of them. Drawing is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is practice and patience. The more you practice, the better you will get at drawing and the less frustrated you will feel when trying to complete a drawing. The real question is why do you think drawing is hard? Do you even ask yourself this question: “why am I bad at drawing”? Let me explain to you the reasons why in this article.

Is it hard to learn drawing?

As said before, drawing can be a hard skill to master but only because it is not something you can learn and master overnight.

So technically it is not hard to learn drawing, but it does take time and effort to get good at it. You can learn to draw faster if you know certain tricks, watch specific videos that can help you out, or even follow a short online drawing class for beginners.

drawing of a girl sad with the sentence why is drawing so hard

The other thing you should know about why drawing seems hard and how to solve this problem is by knowing what the common drawing mistakes are so that you can avoid them yourself, and therefore, learn drawing faster.

Here are 3 things that make drawing hard for most people:


Here are some common drawing mistakes:

  • Applying too much pressure on the pencil while drawing.
  • Trying to draw a hard drawing from your first attempts and get discouraged by the result.
  • Art block
  • Not wanting to get out of your comfort zone.

– More 

And here are several ways how to solve your drawing mistakes:

  • Figure out a way to always know what to draw: sometimes the problem is not knowing how to draw but knowing what to draw (here is the solution for that)
  • Follow an online drawing course for beginners (Like this one).
  • Watch YouTube videos: You can find really great drawing tutorials on YouTube that could help you out a lot. (Like this one)
  • Don’t apply lots of pressure on your pencil
  • Buy the right pencils. Personally, HB2 Staedtler pencils are the best.



Why am I bad at drawing? Am I just being lazy?

a 2d drawing of a girl yawning and not drawing

Every artist started from somewhere, they weren’t magically born artists (even if it’s true that there are some exceptions, even if those are rare). Most people practiced. They had a desire: wanting to draw” as you have now.

Sometimes laziness and lack of practice can be one of the main reasons why you think you’re bad at drawing. After a week or two, even after a month, you feel demotivated to see that your stick figures didn’t improve. And you ask yourself why am I bad at drawing?! The answer to your question, I’m going to say it again is mostly: a lack of practice and guidance. Let me tell you an example so that you can understand better.

It’s like you enter a gym .. and after one week or two, you feel demotivated because you don’t have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. To become a bodybuilder you need hours of training and time. But not only that! You need the right coach to coach you if you are a beginner that will teach you some tips and tricks. Same thing for drawing.

So if you want to learn how to draw find a good drawing course for beginners and practice. If you’re a beginner who wants to draw but doesn’t know what to draw, here are many drawing ideas for all tastes that will definitely interest you and help you practice while at the same time enjoying yourself.

The last thing that you should keep in mind is that, as a beginner, you shouldn’t compare your artwork with a professional drawing artist’s artwork. It doesn’t help at all and it will only bring your spirit down. Just keep in mind that a professional drawing artist was one day a beginner as you are today. This means you CAN improve your drawing skills! You just need to know how (by following, for instance, a drawing course), a lot of practice, and finally, with time you’ll reach your goals.


Frequently asked: Why can’t I draw from my imagination?

Sometimes you can find yourself drawing for years, and then realize afterward that you haven’t evolved at all. What can be really demotivating is to notice that other people draw better and better with years and that they evolve very quickly compared to you.

Is it because they have talent and not you? Not really. Most of the time, these people simply apply good habits that allow them to progress rapidly.

There are in fact 4 good habits you can implement to remedy this problem and those are… – More


In conclusion

In this article, you learned why drawing is so hard for so many people. Perhaps you were even one of those people saying: Why Am I so bad at drawing? But I hope this article helped you in enlighten on what was the problem or where the problems were.

Always remind yourself that If you would like to improve, you better practice or even consider taking a drawing course for beginners that will help you learn how to draw faster. Meanwhile, if you would like to make cool drawings perhaps you simply need some drawing ideas like these.

If you’re interested, here are other drawing articles that you might like.

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