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5 Things To Do To Fix Your Drawing & Make Them Look Cool (+ Drawing Ideas For Beginners)

Tips To Rescue Your Artwork: How can I fix my drawing?

I’m sure as an artist or a beginner at drawing, you probably messed up numbers of drawings but what if I tell you that there are some ways that you could’ve rescued your artworks. Lots of people asked me that ”How can I fix my drawing?’ I’ll thus share with you several tips in this article that will help you out, so be sure to read it until the end.

How do you fix a ruined drawing?

Drawing is a skill that can be ruined by a number of things. From lack of talent to lack of practice, the list goes on. But if you want to fix it, there are some ways to do so.

To no longer make drawing mistakes and avoid common drawing mistakes like drawing out of proportion, try using grid lines (watch this video to explain how you should proceed). This method will help you improve your drawing skills considerably.

If you want to fix an already ruined drawing, you can try the techniques and tips that I mentioned below.


5 Things To Do To Fix Your Drawing & Make Them Look Cool (1OO% Results Guaranteed)

1- Take a step back

Literally, take a step back to see your drawing from a different angle. Perhaps you spent hours drawing, your nose nearly touching the paper of your sketchbook trying to perfect whatever it is you’re drawing. By taking a step back,  standing up, and looking at your drawing from another level and angle will allow you to have a more global vision of your drawing. This will help you figure out the mistake you’ve probably have made and thus help you fix it.


2- Cover it and make a better drawing on top of it

a cool yellow post-it in a notebook with a drawing of a girl on top of it

Sometimes we draw, we make different sketches on a piece of paper, or in our sketchbook, but we mess up one drawing and we don’t want to get rid of the whole page. We just want to fix our drawing but don’t know how to do so.

Here is a solution, cover it with a post-it and draw on top of it. It will make your drawing stand out more and make it much cooler. That’s a cool drawing idea that you can use. Drawing on top of a post-it can also be something you can do even if you don’t mess up a drawing. 😉


3- Draw rough sketches around your drawing

If you drew in your sketchbook a mouth for instance but for some reason it looked off. A thing that you can do is to fill your page with several sketches of mouths surrounding your first drawing. Make sure that the other mouths look better.

With lots of mouths, especially if they look a little alike, people may not even notice your first and original drawing mistake. They will just see a page filled with mouth sketches as if you were just having fun figuring out how to draw a mouth properly. You can even say: “These are some lips sketches. An art study.” As if there was nothing more normal and basic. 😉


4- Make a collage

collage to fix a drawing of a girl's face

This drawing idea might help you a lot by making your mistake look like a masterpiece. A tip: Make a collage.

If you’ve drawn several sketches in your sketchbook, but let’s say you’ve messed up one drawing, and you don’t want to get rid of the whole page, cover it by pasting a photo on top of it.

You’ll need to find a good picture or even several pictures that need to match with your drawing so that it’ll work and look cool. This is a very effective trick that will help you hide the parts that aren’t drawn well and make your artwork stand out as a pure piece of art.

If you want, you can only add text here and there to fill the parts that are blank.


5- Make your mistake a part of your drawing

 a black girl who unrolls a knot to fix the drawing mistake

You heard right. Make your mistake a part of your drawing by drawing something that could match and make your drawing look cooler than it is. This will make it look like you meant to draw what is for you a drawing mistake.

You can understand better what I mean by looking at the image above which is a pure representation of how a mistake and something stupid can be turned into a cool piece of art.


Another really useful tip to fix your drawing:

An important thing to know: This may sound really basic and annoying, but this tip that I’m about to tell you is VERY useful. If you spent hours on a drawing and your drawing doesn’t look completely right, and you know that there is a mistake but you don’t know where. Go take a little break. Get up and do something else for a while and then come back to your drawing.

The drawing mistakes that have not been spotted before will be so obvious to you afterward that they will jump out at you. 😉


In conclusion

Drawing is a fun process but sometimes we can make mistakes that can ruin our drawing, so how can we fix that? A lot of people ask themselves this question how can I fix my drawing? And there are several ways to do so and make your drawing look cooler than it was only by making several tweaks. In this article, we shared really useful tips to save your artwork in 2023.

Make sure to try them out to your benefit to fix your drawing mistakes to have as of today only amazing artworks to share with the world. For more useful drawing articles like this one, click here.


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